Surface Treatments

Hidroroc is a colourless, high-penetration solution. It does not alter the feel or appearance of the treated material once it dries. It is alkali- and UV radiation-resistant.

This product transpires the steam from the exudation of the materials, so that damage caused by moisture (such as efflorescence, moss and algae, etc) can be avoided.
It protects against the erosion of the walls and the corrosion of the reinforcement. It also dries the treated materials, so it saves energy by reducing moisture and thus thermal conductivity.

Hidroroc repels dirt and increases the resistance against environmental factors of the treated materials.

It is used to treat natural sandstone facades, concrete, cement mortar and lime walls, tiles and other absorbent materials.
It is ideal for the restoration of monuments built in natural stones, terra cotta, etc.

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